[Devil's Garden] - arches national park, utah, devil's garden, sky [Snowy Range lake] - mountain, lake, rocks, stream [Foggy rainforest] - North Cascades Scenic Byway, fog, forest, rainforest, Washington [Layered mountains] - buckhorn wilderness, hills, early morning light, dawn
[Formation and Pond] - cave pool, cavern, reflection [Desolate landscape] - red rock canyon, landscape, desert, mountains [Sawtooth Storm] - lone tree, distant rain, mountains, field [Deep Chill] - snow, moon, cold [The Gods Conferring] - silhouette, dusk, moon, venus, mars
[Red Rock Canyon Vista] - landscape, canyon, dramatic sky [Rain-shrouded mountains] - red rock canyon, landscape [Snowy Range lake 2] - clear water, lake, rocks, pine trees, evergreens, mountains [Lucky Peak Dam Lake] - lake, reflection, dark sky, hills, idaho [Morning glow] - Olympic mountains, dawn, sunrise, early morning light, snow [The Roads Ahead] - mt adams, mountain, clouds, brilliant sky

Landscapes and other natural fixtures.