[Going Home] - seagull, beach, gulf, ocean, vignette, englewood beach, florida [Cross-processed flower] - blue, yellow, high key, high contrast, floral [Embryonic] - ice, macro, white, embryo [The Letter Carrier] - small postman, red, butterfly, bokeh
[Fractals in Ice] - frozen tree branches, ice storm, abstract [Brown Butterfly] - butterfly closeup, eyes, macro [Scarlet Macaws] - [Long Jumper] - grasshopper, bokeh, macro, brown
[Gold and slate] - autumn, yellow, berries, lake, bokeh, smooth [Seed pod] - [Backlit rose] - Portland Oregon rose garden, backlighting, macro, flower [Mountain goat and clouds] - mountain goat, cloudy mountains, meadow
[Peeking Squirrel] - USF, tampa, squirrel, tree [Butterfly portrait] - butterfly house, macro, leaf [Pale yellow flower] - [Zygiella 1] - zygiella, spider, macro

Plants and animals.