[Snow-topped fence] - snow, wet snow, chain link fence, bokeh [Progress] - colored beakers, lab equipment, green, brown [Idealism] - gateway arch, st louis [Burning at neither end] - candle, unlit, white, blank space, empty
[Overpass] - vertigo, overpass, pedestrian, walkway, minneapolis [Windmill against sky] - Powell Gardens, Kansas City, Dempster [Letters] - des moines sculpture garden [Slim] - lamp
[Networks Overlaid] - black and white, train, overpass, downtown, tracks, railroad [Tower Bridge arch] - London, black and white, monochrome, architecture [The Texture of Sound] - sheet music, notes, paper, texture [Time for fun] - irish balloons, clock, crown center, kansas city
[Silo steps] - Powell Gardens, Kansas City [Chapel] - ancient architecture, church, pews [Soft Glow] - light bulb, lighting fixture, frosted glass [Bobcat in the woods] - North Cascades Scenic Byway, fog, forest, rainforest, Washington

Architecture, urban life, and other miscellaneous man-made items.