[Blazing autumn] - fall foliage, backlit leaf, sun, sky background [Parkway flower arrangement] - white flowers, orange middle, floral [Wedding ring hands] - KU campus, wedding photography, hands, rings, love [Bouquet toss] - bouquet toss, wedding reception, eldridge hotel, lawrence, kansas [Ready for the big day] - flower girl, bridge, eldridge hotel, lawrence, kansas, wedding dress
[Bridal portrait] - lawrence, kansas, riverfront, bouquets, wedding dress, bride [Marmot Pass sunrise] - sun, shadow, sunrise, early light, dawn, morning, evergreens [Purple mountains majesty] - dawn, sunlight, valley, sound, clouds [Fly high] - raven, silhouette, black and white, monochrome, snowy mountains [Mountain goat at home] - mountain goat, mountains
[Day Lily] - day lily, orange, flower, white background [Spotted Lily] - lily, spotted, macro [Sunlight Captured] - yellow flower, macro, closeup, pollen, extension tubes [Zygiella 2] - zygiella, spider, macro, defensive, curled up [Day lily closeup] - day lily, close up, orange, flower
[Walking on Lake Superior] - lake superior, black and white, monochrome [Panana] - day lily, white background, buds [Self-portrait] - portrait, self-portrait, off-camera flash, bounced flash [Lady and Brandon] - welsh corgi puppy, portrait, dog [Blue music] - trent reznor, robin finck
[Salt and pepper] - restaurant, salt, pepper, blue, yellow [Emergence] - lake superior, pedestrian underpass, tunnel [A grumpy day] - frog statue, black and white, monochrome [Monolith] - hennepin avenue bridge, sunset, minneapolis [Duck sprint] - duck, running, krug park
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